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June 2020

Learning during an outbreak - acceptance, adaptation and waiting

Wu become warped filling  gymnast

Ng Kiu-chung Wu Qiaochong

Wu Qiaochong used a chair instead of a sling to do gymnastics at home during the epidemic。

From the beginning of gymnastics to being selected for the Hong Kong team, I have been training hard and striving for better results for myself and Hong Kong。No matter what the difficulties and challenges, I will bite the bullet and push forward。I have a clear direction and goal in my life and training,Even when there's a bottleneck in training,There are choices and trade-offs between training and study,They even had to undergo surgery and recuperation after surgery because they had been suffering from injuries,I will also move towards a clear goal,Race against time,Try to solve the problem as soon as possible,Get back on your schedule。

In the COVID-19 pandemic, I have learned to accept, adapt and wait。

Three previous surgical treatments were reviewed,It takes a long time to wait every time,You can't train until you're physically fit,But every time there is a clear timetable,Know when you will be able to resume training,And what important games you need to play in the future,So I'm always racing against time,Make the impossible possible,Recovery is often faster than expected。For example, IN March 2019, MY knee was injured in a World Cup competition and my meniscus was seriously damaged. After the operation, I tried every means to recover and start training as soon as possible. Finally, I successfully came back to participate in the World Championship half a year later and achieved remarkable results。The face of the epidemic is completely different, another experience。

In the scoring competition of the World Cup Olympic Games held in Azerbaijan in March this year, I ranked eighth in the preliminary competition and was expected to strive for a higher ranking in the final. Unfortunately, on the night before the final, the competition committee announced that the final would be cancelled due to the epidemic. This should be the first time for gymnastics to cut the competition halfway。All the hard work and preparation seems to have been in vain, and I have no idea how this station will be scored and whether the final will be held again。Then I was forced to return to Hong Kong due to the outbreak of the global epidemic, which ended my overseas training and competition trip that had been planned for about four months。All gymnastics federation events have since been cancelled or postponed, and the Tokyo Games have been postponed for a year, and no Olympic scoring events will be held this year。With the Hong Kong gymnastics team taking a break from training for a while, all plans and goals were completely disrupted。However, because of this particular experience, I know how to accept sudden changes. I realize that even with good preparation and planning, unexpected or unpleasant things can happen. The key is to know how to accept and respond as quickly as possible。

Ng Kiu-chung Wu Qiaochong

During the pandemic, Wu qiaochong went hiking in the countryside to adjust his mind。

Due to the continuing severity of the epidemic, all matches were postponed indefinitely and I self-isolated for a period of time after returning to Hong Kong。In the absence of gymnastic training equipment and short-term competition goals,During my isolation, I exercised mainly to maintain my health and condition,Such as basic muscle training, aerobic exercises and stretching,In order to be ready to resume gymnastics training,However, after self-isolation, he still failed to resume exercise,This is the longest time I've stopped training since I started gymnastics at the age of four。I decided to cherish and make good use of this time, adjust my mental and physical condition, at home weight training and gymnastics special physical training。I used two high chairs instead of parallel bars for deep holds, and used them as rings to mimic the action of cross draping and horizontal crossing。I also do exercises that don't require equipment,Such as handstand palm pressure, horizontal support, squatting and so on,And cross-training to improve the performance of aerobic exercise that you usually do less,And strengthening the lower extremities,Such as hiking, running, biking and canoeing,In addition to maintaining the condition effectively, it can also adjust the mentality and slow down the recovery pace,And you can enjoy the natural scenery of Hong Kong。

I had been racing against the clock, training plans, races and goals one after another, but the pandemic threw all that into doubt。I have been training and competing overseas for the past two years, and now there is still a long time before next year's competition cycle. I can relax my mind, prepare and plan my training schedule and competition goals for the coming year in detail。

What this pandemic has taught me is that sudden changes, unpleasant events, and difficult moments can occur at different stages of life, and many of them are inevitable。Instead of complaining, accept the reality and do something about it as soon as possible。I choose to slow down at the right time, bide my time and prepare for the longer journey。