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August 2020

Plans can't keep up with change?

Ye Zifeng 壁球athletes

Ye Zifeng competed in the World Squash team Championships

Zifeng Ye compets at the World Squash Team Championships (Photo: SquashSite)

Plans, it seems, never catch up with change。

The year 2020 will be a year of change for everyone。In the face of an unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, we all feel more or less panic and a sense of uncertainty and uncertainty。As a professional athlete, I am no exception. My life patterns, habits and schedules have all changed。

I've been a full-time athlete for seven years now, and I've had a rough pattern and timeline for many years。Step on your feet every day, sweat every day, travel around the world every year -- it's a habit you've always had as an athlete, and it probably won't change that much。

But what had been taken for granted had changed, and was inevitable。

In professional squash, the schedule of major tournaments is roughly the same in the middle of the year, so I had planned my schedule from the beginning of 2020 to the end of the season in June, including trips to Chicago and Toronto in February and Switzerland in March。However, with the sudden global outbreak of COVID-19, all competitions had to be cancelled or postponed since March。

Ye Zifeng and his coach Simplified Qian

Ye Zifeng and his coach Simplified Qian

Due to the rapid development of the epidemic, the Hong Kong Squash team ushered in an earth-shaking change in a short period of time, and had to suspend training in the sports institute for a period of time, instead of training at home。I use a basket of washers and a yoga mat at home, while my family and I urge each other to use resources and creativity to maintain my training。

A few weeks later, I returned to the gym and started training again。The instructor set up a seven-week summer training program, and I was surprised when my finger broke and I couldn't hold the racquet。The doctor diagnosed a need for six to eight weeks of rest, which is the time required for the entire summer training program。I thought I could take the suspension period as an opportunity to increase the intensity of training, but I suddenly encountered an helpless obstacle。As an athlete of racquet holding sport, BUT I could not hold the racquet, IT seemed that I suddenly lost the direction of training。On second thought, the coach and I agreed that we could focus on physical training at this time, and we had no competition in a short period of time。

It's frustrating to train at home and never play again, but if you look back a little bit,

Originally, can find a unique way of training;
It turns out that you can focus on the areas that need improvement;
Originally, can temporarily put down the long time competition pressure, re-examine oneself;
Originally, more time to deal with the body of various sizes of old problems;
Originally, more time to stay in Hong Kong to accompany family......
Originally, in the change can also fine taste bitter in a little sweet。

As I write, the third wave of COVID-19 has hit Hong Kong。All of us can't help feeling powerless in the face of facts we can't change。Things aren't always as they should be. You can't control everything。Since you can't change the current situation, you might as well adjust your mind, find the most suitable way to deal with it within your ability, and try to adjust your plan with a different perspective of thinking。I believe there will be a ray of light at the end of the tunnel。

Plans, indeed, can never catch up with change;
Plans, originally used to catch up with change。

Finally, I wish you all good health, peace and happiness, and work together to get through this particularly memorable day。May the epidemic pass as soon as possible!