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June 2021

Sports school兼得

Guitar eucalyptus 賽艇athletes

Leung Wing-wun


In the eyes of the average Hong Kong person, breaking records in sports competitions may not be as impressive as achieving "5**" in the DCEE。Most parents tend to think that education is the best way out for their children. As a full-time Hong Kong rower and part-time student of the Hong Kong University of Education (Bachelor of Health Education), I think otherwise。I am honored to be part of the institute of Physical EducationComprehensive Education Programme for Athletes, nominated by the Sports Institute as a university student。Even if you choose to be a full-time athlete, you can pursue your sporting dreams while continuing your education。

Rowing training is divided into three sessions each day, the first at 6am, followed by 10.30am and the last at 3.30pm。It takes about 8 to 10 minutes (depending on wind direction, current and boat type) to complete the whole distance of 2 km. It emphasizes the extreme aerobic and muscle strength with high intensity. Therefore, three sessions of training every day is the basic requirement for rowers。


Mrs Leung was awarded the Secretary for Home Affairs' Commendation Scheme Award Presentation ceremony
In recognition of her contribution to the promotion of sport and recreation。

In the evening, I have classes from Monday to three times a week。Student athletes have both roles and responsibilities。作為athletes,我一星期要花30小時訓練;作為學生,除了靈活的課堂安排外,其他跟一般學生無異,同樣著重功課成果及考試成績。As athletes are training and competing overseas for a long period of time, the University may allow students to extend their study period depending on their subject and individual circumstances。

Faced with long hours of training and schoolwork, I often remind myself to be single-minded and focus on one thing。訓練時專心練習,不去想學業上的事;在學校則專注做好學生的本份,並且好好分配時間,最重要是要考慮和計劃可用的時間。At the beginning of the semester, I would write down the date of submitting homework and exams, measure the time required for various assignments, training and competitions, and then create a schedule for both homework and training。In addition, I will make good use of my rest time, such as reviewing and doing homework more on non-school days and Sundays. When I don't understand, I will actively ask my classmates。By starting your homework early, you can avoid last-minute cramming。

In the future, I will continue to strive for excellence in my studies and on the field of play to achieve dual-track development. I hope you will support the student athletes in Hong Kong!